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Hi my name is Lewis Hanney and I am the Senior PGA Professional at Oake Manor Golf Club. I started my golf at the age of 7 at Banstead Downs Golf Club in Surrey. I then moved onto Chipstead Golf Club which has bred A LOT of golf professionals.

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TrackMan Dynamic Loft

Dynamic Loft

Dynamic loft can be influenced by how much the shaft unbends, his hand rotation through impact, club face position, their path, strike position on the club face and angle of approach. Correct dynamic loft will influence the playability of the shot. Too much dynamic loft will reduce the shot distance. Too little dynamic loft will hit the ball lower with roll making the shot hard to judge.

Angle of Attack

It is fair to say that you have to hit down on the ball when it is on the ground resulting in a ball first strike. You have to also bear in mind slower swing speeds hitting down on the ball too much will be detrimental to club speed, ball speed and overall distance.
TrackMan Attack Angle

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Trackman Golf has produced a radar which has become the benchmark for players of all levels to use to ensure their golf is moving forward. From tour players to complete beginners Trackman Golf has something for everyone.

When you have a lesson using Trackman you will also be able to set up your own personal account with them at trackmangolf.com. This account is called My Trackman and will keep all of your data we send from your lesson as well as other useful and interesting videos, Screen casts, inside the tour articles, plus much more.

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