Why Use Trackman Golf?

Trackman Golf has produced a radar which has become the benchmark for players of all levels to use to ensure their golf is moving forward. From tour players to complete beginners Trackman Golf has something for everyone. The integrity of the brand and their forward thinking boundary pushing nature means this is the best choice for any golfer looking to improve because we can guarantee they are trying to do the same!


A Trackman will fully track the trajectory of any shot from 6 foot chips to 400 yard drives. It offers 3D trajectory and ball flight visuals as well as 10 different parameters to help you answer those questions you have been only guessing the answer to oh and this is all done in 1 second!

When you have a lesson using Trackman you will also be able to set up your own personal account with them at trackmangolf.com. This account is called My Trackman and will keep all of your data we send from your lesson as well as other useful and interesting videos, Screen casts, inside the tour articles, plus much more.


Trackman is a great tool for any pupil wanting to improve. It gives feedback and fact which helps you understand why the ball is behaving as it does. It can be used to help you chip a ball close or improve the length of your driver…plus everything in between. If you haven’t experienced a lesson using Trackman then it will honestly blow your mind and is worth a try!

Did you know? Trackman has an altitude setting which tour players utilise in preparation for some of their tournaments. Given their busy tour schedules how would they prepare for playing one week in high humidity and the next in the Swiss Alps?


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