What Does It Measure?

What does Trackman measure?

Club Speed

Club speed is measured just before impact, a straight forward way of unleashing more distance is by creating more clubhead speed. A quick little fact.... an extra 2 MPH has the potential to gain you around 6 yards.
TrackMan Club Speed
TrackMan Ball Speed

Ball Speed

Ball speed is a result of your swing speed and impact. Although the swing swing speed has the most potential to increase distance the ball speed created by the strike will have the biggest influence on the overall shot length.

Club Path

As a golfer you will put the most thought into this area. Associating a slice with an out to in path and a hook with the opposite. The quest for straight is to produce a zero path and zero degrees at impact to produce the hallowed straight shot. If you can reduce your in to out or out to in numbers you will hit is straighter.
TrackMan Dynamic Loft

Dynamic Loft

Dynamic loft can be influenced by how much the shaft unbends, hand rotation through impact, club face position, their path, strike position on the club face and angle of approach. Correct dynamic loft will influence the playability of the shot. Too much dynamic loft will reduce the shot distance. Too little dynamic loft will hit the ball lower with roll making the shot hard to judge.

Angle of Attack

It is fair to say that you have to hit down on the ball when it is on the ground resulting in a ball first strike. You have to also bear in mind slower swing speeds hitting down on the ball too much will be detrimental to club speed, ball speed and overall distance.
TrackMan Attack Angle


An important parameter for any golfer. Remember that carry should be measured on level piece of ground to give most accurate readings.

Launch Angle

Launch angle is associated with Dynamic Loft. Launch Angle will always be less than dynamic loft. When being fitted for clubs the balance between Launch Angle, Spin Rate and Dynamic loft are the most important areas to focus on.

Spin Rate

Spin rate plays a major role in a golf shots height and overall distance. High spin rates on wedge shots are great, when you are hitting a driver into the wind is another story.

Smash Factor

Smash factor is simply the difference between your ball speed and club speed. The greater the difference the more efficient your energy transfer is.

Face Angle

A golfer will relate to this with terms such as open or closed. This measurement is taken at impact and given in a positive of negative values.

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