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All lessons include golf balls and any equipment required. I coach in a covered driving range which is around 300 yards long in a designated coaching area. We also have a large putting green, short game area which comprises of 2 different depths of bunkers, specially designed green which offers an array of shots to try and a 150 yard grass pitching area. You only pay for the time which we can use to focus on an area to help your game.

Lessons can be booked in either 1/2 hour or 1 Hour blocks and there are discount for courses purchased in either 3 or 6.
(All Lessons include Video Analysis)

1/2 Hour Lesson


1 Hour Lesson


9 Hole Lesson


Trackman Tuition

How can Trackman help you?

Trackman Golf has produced a radar which has become the benchmark for players of all levels to use to ensure their golf is moving forward. From tour players to complete beginners Trackman Golf has something for everyone. The integrity of the brand and their forward thinking boundary pushing nature means this is the best choice for any golfer looking to improve because we can guarantee they are trying to do the same!

A Trackman will fully track the trajectory of any shot from 6 foot chips to 400 yard drives. It offers 3D trajectory and ball flight visuals as well as 10 different parameters to help you answer those questions you have been only guessing the answer to oh and this is all done in 1 second!


When you have a lesson using Trackman you will also be able to set up your own personal account with them at trackmangolf.com. This account is called My Trackman and will keep all of your data we send from your lesson as well as other useful and interesting videos, Screen casts, inside the tour articles, plus much more.

Trackman is a great tool for any pupil to help them improve. It gives feedback and fact to help you understand why the ball is behaving as it is. You only pay for the time and it can be used to help you chip the ball close to improving the distance of your driver…plus everything in between. If you haven’t experienced a lesson using Trackman then it will honestly blow your mind and is worth a try!

Some of the most common uses for Trackman

Gapping Reports – As Trackman is so accurate it may be time to take advantage of it and check your yardages. This can be done for just your wedges (30 minutes) or for a full set from your longest to your shortest club (60 – 90 minutes). Gapping reports will tell you 2 main things. Firstly how far you are hitting each club and secondly if you have any clubs which are either over or under performing. This can be an array of reasons from shaft flex to lofts or lies. A good game of golf is based around complete conviction and gapping reports can confirm what you do and potentially what you may need to address.

Shaping the ball – It is not secret that the ball will start nearer to the face aim than the swing path – Trackman told us this. Therefore shaping the ball has never been so easy…. Wit the help of clear simple feedback you will be able to hit those draws or indeed address those slices in a short space of time. The key is to make ‘feel real’. In other words allows technical feedback for your feelings. What may feel correct could actually be detrimental to changing your ball flight.

Creating a new shot – Trackman has the ability to set scenarios which you may not normally encounter. For example if you play the majority of your golf on a inland parkland course which is generally very calm you may not have experience of playing in the wind. By simply changing a setting Trackman will record your data on a simulated windy day. There are arguments for and against this. For pilots practice in simulators so why cant golfers. If we trust the radar for normal shots why not trust it in ‘other world’ environments. Against…its not he real thing. Nothing can completely prepare you for playing in a force 9 gale. But with the right preparation it can become a lot easier. Controlling your angle of approach and spin rate as well as clear club choices can only help.

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