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As I do this for a living I will always say "have a go, it's great!" Learning how to play golf is a challenge and so it should be. If you dedicate the time and want to learn a low impact sport where you can make new friends and have fun at the same time then golf is the way to go!

Below are some common questions I'm asked when someone is looking to take up golf.

How long does it take to learn?

Generally around 6 months to get you from complete beginner to being able to play on the golf course. The key is to have regular lessons at the start and practice in between.

Do I need any equipment?

Not a thing! I supply everything when you have lessons. I would suggest purchasing a pair of golf shoes as sometimes we will need to go out onto the golf course but that can wait until around 1-2 months of coaching.

Does it matter if I don't play any other sports?

No! Playing other sports does not mean you will pick golf up any quicker.

I have some physical problems which I think may hold me back...?

On your first lesson with me I will require you to fill out a registration form. This helps me understand any limitations. Golf is low impact and I promise there is always a way to hit a golf ball!

Do you run any group initiatives?

Yes, I run group lessons as well as specific packages for beginners (see an example below)


Lesson 1: The Fundamentals

Lesson 2: Learn how to hit a irons

Lesson 3: Improve your golf swing

Lesson 4: Learn how to hit a wood, what is the difference?

Lesson 5: Chipping

Lesson 6: Putting

A game on our Academy Course (shorter golf course)


This course would cost £120 (6 x 1/2 Hour Lessons and a Playing Lesson)

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